Monday, March 7, 2011

Urban (or other) Homesteading

First of all, I'd like to welcome you to this companion blog to my monthly newsletter of the same name. This blog will allow me to give weekly updates and to share any new pertinent information I come across through-out the month.

Now on to the subject at hand. Today is a "Call to Action" day. It is the second such day and is in response to the trademarking of the terms "Urban Homestead"
and "Urban Homesteading". All bloggers and anyone with a website who believes in the lifestyle of homesteading in general, not just the 'Urban' kind have been asked to post a blog or article about said subject using said terms.

I happen to be very rural myself. I live in one of those 'blink-and-you-miss-it' towns (which is actual more of a village or hamlet) that is fifty miles from the nearest major city and twenty miles from a large town. I do, however, rent and I actually live 'down town' (as tiny as it is). This equates to at least somewhat urban. We like to call ourselves Rural-urban, or sometimes sub-suburban, Homesteaders.

This is actually our first year in our attempt to be self sufficient. It can be rough when you're working on a shoe string. Rough or easy, though, we are looking forward to it. Our landlord has plowed us a space for our garden and we already have garlic and tomatoes sprouting indoors. We have decided to use a variety of gardening methods including raised-bed, hill and terraced. We are using re-purposed and recycled materials whenever and wherever we can. We buy local as much as possible, as well, in an effort to support our community.

I am in the process of growing a website as well. It's purpose is to provide supplies and knowledge for self sufficiency, self sustainability and preparedness for sudden (expected and unexpected) situations. Please feel free to visit the website often as it is constantly being updated with new and better supplies and as much information as I can find and share. It also helps us fund this grandiose dream we have. You can visit by clicking on the title of this post. Or you can click here.

All of my own websites have changed. Here are my new companion sites:

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