Thursday, April 7, 2011

Alternative Uses For Everyday Items

Since one of the things we are very interested in is re-purposing items, I thought it would be a good idea to go over alternate uses for everyday items that cannot logically be re-purposed.

First thing is newspaper. Take one page and wrap up a tomato to help it ripen, then use it in one of the following ways. My mother used to line the bottom of our veggie drawer in the fridge with it. This helps to keep down the moisture and keep the drawer deodorized. As for deodorizing, rumple up a piece and put it in a storage container overnight to get rid of nasty smells. As for drying, rumple up a piece and put it in a wet shoe to help it dry faster (this also helps a little with the deodorization as well). Now that you have used that poor piece of newspaper as much as you can, there’s one more thing you can do with it. Cover a patch of lawn with four layers of newspaper, top that with a four-inch layer of mulch and wet it down. When spring comes along, till it over and the bed will be perfect for planting whatever you need, like more tomatoes to wrap in the newspaper you saved all winter.

Coffee filters, as the name might imply, make excellent filters. They won’t purify your drinking water but they can be used to filter cork pieces out of your wine or, surprisingly enough, coffee grinds from your percolated coffee. They make a great sauce splash cover in the microwave or a ‘hand guard’ for popsicles. You can use them as spacers between your ‘fancy dishes’ or even as ‘disposable’ dishes themselves. Last but not least, once you’ve used them they (and the coffee grounds) can be added to your mulch pile.

Maxi pads can be used to soak up just about anything when in need of a sponge-like object. They should be included in every emergency first aid kit to be used for large wound coverage and to soak up blood from said wound. Also, in emergency situations, they can be used as insoles to alleviate tired feet.

Another excellent product to have on hand is olive oil. It makes a great substitute for shaving cream (for both guys and gals) if you run out. For the gals, a tiny bit under your eyes will help remove eye makeup, just make sure you rinse with a clean washcloth, coffee filter or maxi pad. You can rub a thin layer on your skin after a shower to help moisturize. It can also be used as a substitute for silicon spray to alleviate squeakiness.

When it comes right down to it, use your imagination. It starts with using a washer or dryer box for a fort and ends with my ashes being used to make soap.

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