Friday, April 15, 2011

Radiation: What It Can Do To You and What You Can Do To It

When Alpha, Beta or Gamma radiation particles touch organic materials like your skin, damage will most likely be done. Radiation is measured in units called roentgen equivalent in man, or rem. These units represent the amount of radiation it takes to do specific amounts of damage to human tissue. Radiation can cause burns, cancers, and death.

25 rems can cause some noticeable (by doctors) changes in blood. Higher doses near 100 rems typically have no harmful effects right away. It is when doses get above 100 rems that you will notice the first signs of radiation sickness. These signs include, but are not limited to headache, nausea, and vomiting, and doctors will notice some loss of white blood cells. Higher doses will also cause fever and diarrhea.

If the doses is 300 rems or more, it can cause hair loss and quite significant internal damage, including damage to nerve cells and the cells that line the digestive tract. White blood cells are the body's main defense against infection and the severe loss of these will make radiation victims highly susceptible to disease. It also reduces the production of blood platelets, which aid blood clotting, so victims of radiation sickness are also vulnerable to hemorrhaging. At least half of all people exposed to 450 rems will die. Doses of 800 rems or more are always fatal.

There is no effective treatment or cure, so death, in the cases of 450 rems and higher, will occur within two to fourteen days. If you do survive, you can see the appearance of such diseases as leukemia, lung cancer, thyroid cancer, breast cancer and cancers of other organs.

Remember, however, that radiation surrounds us every day. It can be found in just about everything from bananas to cell phones and from microwaves to sunshine. You are exposed to about 0.35 rem or ninety-four chest x-rays of radiation each year.

Now that I’ve made you sufficiently paranoid, there are many ways that you can protect yourself naturally. I have covered some of these in my previous blog entitled “Natural Alternatives”.

According to Resource Naturopathy, the following can help you reduce your body’s build-up of radiation from natural sources and from the very slight rise caused by the recent events in Japan.

Instead of taking potassium iodide, you can consume foods that are rich in chlorophyll and minerals that can prevent radiation from damaging your thyroid because they contain iodine. Examples of these foods include chlorella, seaweeds, kelp, algae, spirulina, and kombu.

You can eat lots of orange and dark green veggies, like sweet potatoes, winter squash, beets, carrots, kale, collards, chard, and spinach. These can protect you from radiation-induced cancers.

You can ‘eat the rainbow’ and add antioxidants of every color to your diet. Cherries, Blueberries, Sweet Potatoes, and Pomegranates (to name just a few) can help your body flush out toxins and free radicals. You should also take vitamins C, D and E, which will help assist antioxidant processes.

Taking alpha lipolic acid supplements can protect your cells from damage.

Drink 8 glasses of filtered water to flush out your system.

Detoxify and cleanse your liver.

Miso broth is the classic food used to prevent radiation damage. You can double your protection by adding a quarter-ounce (or about 7 grams) of dried kelp seaweed to your soup. Studies have shown that seaweed was able to neutralize radioactive isotopes in the human body.

Lastly, you can (and should) use visualization and envision yourself and all your cells protected from damage and disease free.


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