Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Benefits of a Self Sufficient Community

We all have our own personal reasons for being preppers, survivalists, or homesteaders. The most prominent of those being that we want to be ready for anything that life can throw at us. But there are many others.

I would like to share my own thoughts on the subject with you. First off, yes, I want to be ready for life’s quirks, both big and small. I also happen to think that the process can be very good for your neighborhood, your city, your country and the world overall.

My idea of preparedness is being self sufficient. If you are self sufficient, it affects a number of things. You do not have to depend on others, or society in general, to be able to live a comfortable life. There is also a certain pride in knowing you can ‘do it yourself’.

If more people relied on themselves instead of society, like we used to, maybe, just maybe, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in today. When I was growing up, my mother clipped coupons, reused and recycled. I also (just barely) remember a little bit of gardening going on.

If you add some bartering into the mix, you could end up with an entire community that has no need for the federal government at all. I grow tomatoes well and you can fix a roof or an engine. A bushel of my tomatoes is worth it to me to have a dry house or a running car. Maybe my neighbor raises chickens or hogs or cows. He doesn’t need my tomatoes but does need his roof fixed. I give him tomatoes in trade for meat or milk and he gives them to you for a fixed roof.

Also, everyone pitches in on things the whole community needs, like road repair or schooling. If I give the ‘town’ a bushel of tomatoes and my neighbor gives a few pounds of meat or gallons of milk and you help fix the school’s roof, we would all be working together to advance the quality of life for all of us. In addition to that, a community that is self sufficient in this way is little or no burden on the state or region and all involved can be much more satisfied with life in general.

One major bonus in the community needs area would be alternative energy. If everyone had their own solar or wind or hydro-electric source it could all be hooked together to power the entire community, thereby needing no external input. Not to mention that the whole aspect of knowing your neighbors would add the fact that everyone would be looking out for everyone else and crime would be next to non-existent.

Used to be that ‘big government’ wasn’t allowed to dictate our lives. Maybe someday it can be that way again. I can only hope.

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