Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Family Emergency Kit (for sheltering in place)

The Family Emergency Kit should be individually tailored to meet the basic survival needs of your family for three days to a week. Most people prefer to store their emergency supplies in one location that is relatively safe, yet easily accessible if evacuation is required. Items may be stored in a large trash can, suitcase, duffle bag, backpack or footlocker. This kit will require transportation if evacuation is ordered. You can click on the title of this post to go to "The Millionth Monkey" website.

Immediate Emergency Needs (PP means Per Person)

1 large plastic tub with tight lid - store everything in it except water and blankets.

1 list of contents

12 ZipLoc bags, 1 gallon size to hold items

1 blanket or sleeping bag PP - takes up a lot of space. Keep stored by emergency kit.

Water - 2 gallons PP - 8lbs/gallon will make this the heaviest part of your kit. Consider keeping the water out of the kit and stored nearby.

Food - 4000 calories PP - food bars or other high-energy, ready-to-eat items.

First Aid Kit - have a family first aid kit sitting on your 72 hour emergency kit as well as a vehicle kit in each car and a personal kit in each family member's backpack or purse.


1 Plastic bowl, spoon, cup PP

1 LED headlamp flashlight with extra batteries

1 battery operated radio - receive emergency info

1 multi-function camping knife

1 small ABC fire extinguisher

1 dome tent - light weight backpacking tent sized for family

1 each crescent wrench, hatchet, hammer, phillips and flat screwdrivers, pliers

1 fold-up camping shovel

1 Compass

1 Local map and state map (waterproofed)

2 roadside signal flares

1 notebook and pencil (waterproofed)

1 sewing kit, needles and thread

1 medicine dropper

1 whistle

1 set of extra car and house keys


$100 cash or traveler's cheques (waterproofed)

1 roll duct tape

1 roll plastic sheeting

1 box Waterproof matches

1 roll aluminum foil

4 ZipLoc bags, 1 gallon size PP

2 large garbage bags PP

4 disposable hand warmers PP

2 candles

2 snap light sticks

1 small box of nails

50 feet nylon rope


1/2 roll toilet paper PP (waterproofed)

4 alcohol towelettes PP

1 small bottle liquid soap

Feminine supplies as needed (waterproofed)

1 toothbrush PP

1 small bottle Purel hand sanitizer

1 small bottle unscented chlorine bleach


1 clothing change PP

1 pair sturdy shoes PP

1 emergency rain poncho PP

1 hat and gloves PP

Specific Needs

Infant Supplies - formula, bottles, powdered milk, baby food, diapers, etc.

Elderly - medications, denture needs, hearing aid batteries, eye glasses, etc.

Medical - insulin, prescriptions, supplies for contacts, etc.

Entertainment- as space allows

deck of cards

book of crossword puzzles


harmonica or mouth harp

Important Documents - originals or copies in waterproof container: Wills, passports, social security cards, insurance policies, property deeds, contracts, stocks, immunization records, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, birth-marriage-death certificates, important phone numbers, inventory of household items

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