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Continuity Insurance - Food Storage - Remembering Rotation

I think today’s blog is pretty self explanatory. So, let’s get into it!

Rotation of Foods

We’ve gone over this partially as well; you want to provide the most nutrition and taste for your family. In order to do that properly, any and all food you have stored should be rotated as frequently as possible. If you don’t want to use it on a regular basis, every six months to a year you should use it for a week or longer and replace what you’ve used. Rotation of your long term storage stops you from throwing away unused and expired items, which saves you money.

How Do I Remember My Food Storage Exists?

Most families keep their food storage hidden and out of sight in the basement or in the back of their pantries. These are great places to keep food storage because they are usually dry, cool, and dark, which increases the life span of food. You will want to be aware of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ if you are not in the habit of using it on any regular basis. To help get rid of this problem, try the following suggestions (especially if you don’t already use these foods daily):

è Keep a little bit of your food storage in the kitchen.
Stock your kitchen shelves with smaller containers filled with egg mixes, powdered milk, and more. This will be a reminder that you have ‘that food back there’ without taking up your whole kitchen. Stock your shelves with canned items, as well. The more you see these items the more often you will use them.

è Plan out a one week menu consisting only of items in your food storage at least once every two months.
This will really put your food storage to the test. You will begin to notice that your food storage isn't as rounded out as it should be. Maybe you don't have enough breakfast items, or your food supply doesn’t have the essential proteins or vegetables. After completing this bi-monthly challenge, you will have a much better idea of what you need to purchase or change to make your year's supply complete. And your family will be ready to eat meals made from stored food in disaster situations. You'll also find yourself looking for and/or creating more recipes using your food storage items.

If you don't know where to start in creating a menu that uses food storage products, “Marlene's Magic with Food Storage”, “Magic Mixes”, “Country Beans” and “Cookin' with Home Storage” are very helpful books. If you can your own food and don’t already have it, “Putting Food By” is one of the best canning books around. They contain some wonderful recipes and meal ideas.

è Mix Your Food Storage With Everyday Foods.
One of the best ways to form rotation habits is by incorporating food storage supplies into your favorite recipes. Some habits formed by the aforementioned professionals are:

·         Use cheese powder to make homemade macaroni and cheese.
·         Grind wheat to make pancakes or muffins.
·         Substitute powdered milk and eggs for a few days.
·         Make homemade cold cereal with oats, honey and dehydrated fruits.
·         Include dehydrated fruit in lunches (it makes a great snack for the kids too).
·         How do you make your food storage supplies last longer?
·         Store all your foods in a cool (40-60°F F), dry, dark place.
·         Actually rotate all foods, dating them using permanent marker and placing all of your newest items towards the back.
·         Store them off the ground, away from the condensation near the floor.
·         Don't wide temperature fluctuations.

Now, enjoy peace of mind you have created by knowing you can provide for your family's nutritional needs. Be wise in preparing so that an emergency won't turn into a crisis.

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