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Continuity Insurance - Teach a Man to Fish

As I have been posting these sections of my book, I have noticed that there are a number of things I have neglected to put into it. As a result, I will be re-writing it and changing the name. For now, though, I will continue to post under the title “Continuity Insurance”. I will certainly let you all know once the ‘new and improved version’ is available.

Today we’ll be moving into the second section of the book. It’s called “Teach a Man to Fish” and it’s all about food storage.

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You already know the importance of food. So as soon as you recognize the importance of being prepared, start by developing a plan which will lead to self-sufficiency. Start by purchasing or putting together a 72 hour kit for each member of the family. Next, begin to build your food storage, starting with the basics like grains and legumes (peas and beans). Then expand your storage by adding a variety of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and even meats.

Self Sufficiency and Independence

Long term food storage allows you to be self sufficient during the first three days of an emergency (hopefully even much longer than that) or to provide for your family if you lose your job. It also allows you and your neighbors to be interdependent upon each other. They are the ones who can get to you first and the ones you can get to first. Hopefully share and share alike still works today and allows you all to come together. With proper food storage you are better prepared to deal with ‘hard times’ without becoming dependent on the government. Your way of life could well be preserved with proper preparation. Self sufficiency is based on a willingness to work. Work is the basis for happiness, self-esteem and prosperity. Storing, using and knowing how to produce and prepare food (and other essential items) are the basis of security and stability for you and yours. When an emergency does occur and you are forced to change your normal life style, you would be ready and able to do so without much discomfort.


When you have a good supply of food storage you will feel a greater degree of confidence and even freedom. You should always to do your best to prepare your family to be able to survive no matter what happens to the economy or your job. This confidence during emergency situations can boost your family’s moral. A good food supply for your family can give you a certain freedom too, as in, “no matter what happens, we’re eating well.”

Making Food storage Not So Scary

Many years ago, when I was a ‘wanderer’, I learned the importance of preparedness. Once I settled in (not necessarily down), I learned that having a solid and always ready food supply was really a necessity. I heard mention of several companies who sold one year supplies of food for difficult times. They said that one year food supplies are meant to help families get through personal emergencies such as unemployment, layoff, or a death in the family as well as national or local disasters, like hurricanes, flooding, droughts, war, etc.

Having a year food supply of food is both sensible and wise, but that big of a purchase can be hard to come up with. Movies, television, news and almost everywhere you look these days, there is some emergency happening, like a volcano, tornado, or some other kind of natural disaster. They are not necessarily trying to make you fearful, but your mind will tell you that emergencies, big and little, happen all the time to all sorts of people. You will start to wonder if your family or neighborhood or town could be next. Why do you continue to put off something that is so important?

Here are 5 reasons why purchasing a year supply can seem so scary. Have you argued with yourself about these?
1.   You don't want to store a lot of food in your basement and end up throwing it all away in 10 years. That would be a huge waste of money.
2.   You don’t know how to make things out of wheat. Preparing foods from scratch is not something you have ever learned about.
3.   It’s hard enough to plan for just one week, let alone for a whole year.
4.   You don’t know whether your family would like everything offered in a year supply. After all your kids are the pickiest of eaters.
5.   When you do have the money to spend on a year’s supply, something was always coming up that took that money away.

Today, things are a little different than they used to be. There are several companies out there who offer smaller (#10 size cans, like a coffee can) and even full meals that give you the option of getting just a few food things per pay check and you can slowly build up a sizeable food supply. Start out with simple foods like the ones your family already eats on a regular basis like soups, rice, refried beans, etc. This way you can eat your food storage normally and not feel like you have to save it only for emergencies. Don’t be afraid to open up those cans thinking you have to use them by a certain time once they're opened. This is true but usually that time is closer to a year than it is to a week or even a month.

As you ponder these five things you will realize that an everyday type of food storage makes so much more sense than buying a huge year supply of food all at once. With today’s choices and options your stored supply does not have to be ‘overwhelming’. Most of the foods are quite easy to prepare (a lot of them are of the "just-add-water" variety). You don't have to plan out a year's supply because you’re eating the same foods that you are used to. And, it doesn't put a huge strain on your bank account.

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