Monday, October 10, 2011

Gathering Moss....

Before you think this post is about some strange new food, let me set you straight. It's about a rolling stone that gathers no moss. I have been slacking on this blog and this post is my explanation of why.

I have (temporarily) stopped rolling. Meaning we bought a new home that we intend to be our "forever home". The past month has been filled with packing, stacking, unpacking and situating.

Our new home has a very good sized side yard for both playing and gardening, an enclosed area in the back for the dog, a shed/chicken coop that's big enough to park a car in, a two car garage with a ton of extra space for storage and a workshop, a 'half basement' that is more a root cellar than anything else, and an almost 100 year old two story house.

I will soon continue with this blog on a regular basis. My main goal now is to get all settled in. I've already built two different tables that were needed, one for the cat food (and storage) and one for behind our sofa for lights and radios and assorted other things one uses while on a couch, lol. As spring gets here, I'll be busy taking care of seedlings so as to have a productive garden.

Hopefully, my wife and I will both be posting about the self sufficiency and homesteading aspects of our new 'small town America' home. These posts will be all about how we get things done with a VERY limited income. We'll go over all the ways to recycle, reuse and re-purpose just about anything. We'll talk about our greenhouse, seedlings and gardening. We'll also talk about heating and cooling using natural ways.

So, with this all said, please have patience with me as I am reborn into a simple and, hopefully, very satisfying, new life. The posts will be spotty at first but each one will be chock full of lessons. Enjoy!!!

P.S. ~ Now, if you still have a desire to eat moss, you can check out the Survivalist Boards website here: