Friday, December 16, 2011

Natural Alternatives to Dead Trees

OK, I know that not everyone celebrates Christmas so please don’t take offence to this post. Having said that, there are a large number of folks who do celebrate Christmas. I would like to give a gift to Mother Nature this year and would love it if you joined me.

I have a plastic tree that the wife and I purchased several years ago. This year is the first year we’ve been able to assemble the entire thing (minus the tree topper) because this is the first year it has actually fit in the home we are in. I must say, however, that I absolutely love the smell of a real tree in my living room.

The gift for Mother Nature is not killing a new tree every year just for “pretties” in my home. Besides killing, there are also the disposal issues. Every year I hear about someone’s old, dead Christmas tree being set on fire in a street somewhere. Every year I see hundreds of trees on street corners and in alleys just rotting away. It may just be me but somehow it just doesn’t feel right to be wasting all that life, and even wood for that matter.

Here are two ways you can help.

First, you can purchase a living tree in a pot that can be transplanted into your yard come spring. You can even donate the tree to someone or someplace else, like your local school or fire department or even to your town or city. This also gives you an excuse (not that you really need one) to leave your tree up until March or April. It smells wonderful too.

Second, you can decorate a tree in your yard for all to see and enjoy. Then, in your home you can hang light strings (I recommend LED lights, such as these) from your ceiling and put all your gifts under them. If you miss the scent of the tree, you can purchase a few packs of pine incense.

Now, there is one last option for those who heat and or cook using a wood stove. Go ahead and buy your tree or get permission to cut one yourself. Decorate it. Leave it up as long as you want but dispose of it by cutting it up for use in your stove or fireplace. Also, as time goes by and it starts drying out, you can collect the needles that drop and put them in a small pot of water on your wood stove, creating your own potpourri that adds an extra dimension to that wonderful smell.

All of these options are a gift, not only to Mother Nature, but to all who see and enjoy a wondrous sight and act of love. May you all have a wonderful holiday of your choosing!

Now, I would also like to share with you my Facebook Group ~ Kaya Self Sufficiency. You can click here or on the title of this post to go there. I created this group to help you discover new ways of being self sufficient, prepared for emergencies, less of a burden on our planet and much less dependent on government aid. Please visit and say hi. Also, feel free to post and share your knowledge with the rest of us. All I ask is to avoid politics and religion as much as possible.

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