Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Hugelkultur Experiment

This is my first test run using Hugelkultur. It is basically a self composting, raised bed, lasagna gardening process. We added concentrated fish poop and a fertilizer to the process because we wanted to kick start it but those two steps are entirely up to your preferences.

We are going to try an experiment using half the bed. We’re using heirloom, non-GMO seeds and we will harvest what we need and let the rest go back to seed under a layer of straw for the winter. It’ll be sort of a ‘One Straw Revolution’ / ‘Seed To Seed’ process and we may utilize a low tunnel if we can swing it by then.

And now, without further ado:
Step One ~ 4x15 pit started

Step Two ~ Pit finished, about 18-20 inches deep

Step Three ~ Line bottom with paper

Step Four ~ Add logs, branches, sticks and twigs

Step Five ~ Add yard waste, wood chips and light layer of soil

Step Six ~ Cover with layer of straw, about a half a bale

Step Seven ~ Add small amount of wood chips and sprinkle with fish poop. We used a concentrate, mixing two tablespoons with a gallon of water.

Step Eight ~ Add more soil and sprinkle with fertilizer. We used a cow manure compost.

Step Nine ~ Finish mounding the rest of the soil

Step Ten ~ Transfer seedlings and take pictures for next blog as they grow

Too be continued………

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