Monday, August 13, 2012

Garden Progress

First, I’d like to say I’m sorry for not writing much lately. I have been a little busy with the homestead and trying to get a small business up and running. I’ll be doing a post about the biz end of things in a little while. The things we have to do to be self sufficient, LOL!

Anyway, here is my garden layout and a few photos of how it’s coming along. We’ve had and gotten rid of flea beetles that all but destroyed our broccoli. We’ve also had a few things that didn’t make it: kohlrabi, green peppers and we’re still praying for our garlic.

Garden Layout

The Garden
My Tomato Jungle
My First Pumpkin
Spinach and Lettuce
Keyhole Bed
The Potato Pit
Beans and Peas
Tomatoes Growing Fast
Squash in Hugelkultur Bed
Pumpkins, Cantelope, Watermellon in waste dirt pile bed

Several spots in the raised beds and the hugelkultur bed grew mushrooms. I think they came from the small amount of woodchips (free from our town) used in the bottom layer. Next year, the bottom layer will be cardboard and I will not use the chips.

I learned a lesson with the tomatoes too ~ when they say “Plant 18 inches apart” they really mean 24 inches or more. Also, use tomato cages from the very beginning instead of trying to figure out how to ‘part the seas’ and risk losing half your plants.

Also, know exactly how you are going to cover your beds before you need to. This caused a problem with my tomatoes being subjected to seriously high winds in their raised bed. One other thing I’m going to do next year is use a few more container/raised beds so that I can have an easier time of keeping things separated.

I'll post more once we start harvesting and canning and dehydrating. I hope you enjoy my progress. We've had quite a few salads fresh from the garden but I can't wait until we have a whole meal!

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