Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A New Start for an Old Blog

Kaya: The wife of a Prepper


If you have followed this blog you will know two things.
   1. This blog has been irregular and sporadic.
   2. I have on occasion authored a few of the blogs.

What you need to know going forward is that I have taken over this blog. I will be writing and my husband will be handling the publishing and web posting.

That means changes!

First and foremost, I am not the Prepper or Researcher my husband, the previous author, is. My blogs will be less technical and more chatty.
Second, I have different areas of interest, experience, and knowledge. Do not expect to see blogs only about prepping or self-sufficiency.
Third, no matter what people prefer to think or say my being female changes the general point of view.

Due to these notable differences the content of this blog is most likely going to be vastly different most of the time. It is my goal to be consistent and timely in my postings and while writing about my/our real life experiences. I plan on posting bi-weekly, Monday's and Friday's. Monday’s posts will consist of a weekly topic. It is my goal to have a monthly book review and a monthly recipe posting as well. As it is my hope to create something that is more interactive, Friday’s posts will cover comments, questions, additional links and information concerning the weeks topic based on your responses... if I get no response... then Friday will not have a blog posted. Be forewarned, there will be delays or preemptive postings on Holidays and at other times throughout the year as family duties or illness precipitates. I am all in favor of holidays, weekends, and honoring family commitments. I also cannot predict when I will be too ill to write, if I could it would certainly make my life easier. I will however endeavor to be consistent, fair, honest and on time in posting.

My first weekly topic is a brief introduction for those who don't know me.

I am the wife of a Prepper. I participate in prepping activities; however, I am not always the most enthusiastic Prepper, homemaker, or self-sufficiency person you will find. In fact in many ways I am just your average everyday person.  I am 43 years old, the mother of two and grandmother of one. I am a high school graduate with some college and technical training. I am disabled and I am finally a stay at home mom after multiple jobs, career changes and many years of working the night shift.  I grew up in a large extended family in a large city.  We have a cat, a dog, and a rabbit. What makes me different is that I now live in a small town with a much smaller family by choice. In fact we live in a 95 year old fixer upper in a small town on the plains. I never would have imagined living where we do, much less enjoying it as much as I do. I enjoy reading, gardening, crocheting and Facebook as well as a plethora of other things. I am re-learning how to sew and have many other things I'd like to learn. My life has been deeply influenced by my elders; I was lucky enough have many of them available to me well into my twenties. Though I believe strongly in god I do not go to church. I do ask, please don't try to convert or save me. I promise; I won't try to convert or save you! When I mention God, it's because that is my personal belief. It is not meant to change your beliefs; they’re between you and the deity of your choice. The same goes for anyone else who comments on this blog, to each their own. I will not tolerate foul language, slamming of myself or anyone else. Negative, mean or spiteful attitudes or any other form of disrespect, Fear mongering and conspiracy theories have no place here and I will delete them. This is a blog about us, a family, trying to do the best we can with what we have where we are and as such I want this to be a family friendly place. If you wouldn't say it that way to your mother, grandparent, or child then don't say it that way here. To keep things simple you can address me/us as Kaya. My husband, the Kaya moderator and webmaster, shall henceforth be referred to as “the Mr.” by me for the purpose of this blog and my youngest, who is still at home, is known as minion. That concludes this brief introduction. I hope I can find a groove, hold your attention, and entertain you while discussing relevant topics.

As this is the first of the weekly topics I'd like to see everyone who reads this blog post a comment. This will help me in two ways. First it's a way for me to take a head count. Second it allows you submit your suggestions for future topics and I encourage you to do so.

Many thanks and much gratitude,
Sincerely Kaya

As always you can join the Facebook group, like the Facebook community page, and visit the website. All of these are conveniently called “Kaya Self Sufficiency”. I hope you have enjoyed this post and I hope you are getting better at providing as much as you can for yourself and for your family, group, or community.


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  2. Thx for update! good luck! Thumbs up.

  3. Good job! I look forward to your blogs!

  4. I'm commenting as anonymous ...thanks for the encouragement...kaya

  5. Looking forward to reading more of your point of view!


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