Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Update

Yay! It is BLACK FRIDAY! You want to know the best part? I'm here at home with my girls. Normally I would be getting right to my projects, organizing m'inion with crafts and utilizing this day to its fullest but I fear I have a turkey induced coma.

It managed to hang on through the night and seems to be lasting the better part of the day. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family, friends and yes indeed even some complete strangers. The day was filled with shooting, horses, cards, good conversation and more food than two dozen plus people could eat in a week yet alone an afternoon. It was a good day indeed.

It appears from the replies to the "self sufficiency during the holidays" blog post that many of you are of like mind and are also bringing self sufficiency into the holidays. It helps to know that we are not alone; no matter what the personal motivations are. I hope you are enjoying this day of national madness in a way that makes you feel blissfully relaxed.  For all my friends who are participating in the shopping craziness; I hope you find what you went out for and stay safe. Rumor has it that the deals aren't that great and not as many folks intended to go out and shop today. Truly, I'm just glad to have discovered that we aren't the only "fruitcakes" embracing a less commercial attitude about the holidays. Bonus is At this point it looks like most of our family has hopped on board for the fifty-fifty rule and plans to try to do as little brand new big box or chain store shopping as possible.

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Many Thanks and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

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