Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Gift Crafting With Wifeofaprepper

Since it is that time of the year I thought I'd share one my seasonal pitfalls. This is otherwise known as the Christmas crafting crunch! I am absolutely horrible at estimating the length of time I need per item and type of craft. Possibly it's because I micromanage everyone else's crafting as well and all too often end up with my fingers in too many pots.

Let's face it though, I'm truly the only one with a crafting bug and everyone else just goes along with it. As I have other requirements on my time such as this blog, bible study, physical therapy, household stuff, babysitting, shopping, helping minion with end of the semester homework and crafting projects, all the recent school events and whatever else comes up in the next week this is indeed a challenge with only a week left to go.

My planned craft projects for this Christmas include a throw blanket made entirely from scraps and crocheted as a sampler (that is a lot of different squares made from different stitches). This is the only project I can say I started on before Halloween. In fact it was a challenge that went out to everyone in a social group I was in and although I left that group quite some time ago I haven't forgotten the challenge. It was a motivational exercise to get people thinking and inspired. It was put simply: make a blanket out of whatever one had on hand. So I did.

Unfortunately it is a very wonky blanket. The scraps of yarn I used were all different weights--some is baby fine, some is bulky, some stretches, some doesn't. Since I made this in bits and pieces it was easy to take it with me and work on it in the car or at the Drs., etc. However with all the traveling none of the gauges came out quite right. Kind of hard to keep your stitches even when you’re bouncing along the highway and dirt roads in my opinion. It is indeed a very wonky blanket sized at 56"x 72" without the border. I remained true to the challenge and did not purchase a single thing to make it. This is how it looks. The pictures of individual squares highlight what would now be called vintage yarns as they were left over from the 1970's, good preparedness can sometimes lead to hoarding impulses.

I also made a small purse for minion but you can't tell. It's a secret. It's made from one of the legs I cut off her jeans this summer. It has a crocheted flap and strap. I initially got the idea off the Internet. I cannot say I've followed anything other than the first step in those instructions. Me being me and minion being minion, I immediately had to change it. I've added eyelets so that I could crochet the flap and strap directly to the main body, rather than crocheting the flap and strap and sewing them on. The pant leg was rather worn so it seemed a sturdier option. I can't say if it was a bit more work or not but it seemed to come along fine. The final result seems to be a flap that’s much more flexible. Minion is tough on stuff so I hope it holds up.

I am currently in the midst of making a Double layer fleece quilt with crocheted edges for my grandsons' toddler bed.  Then I have some candle holders to make with glass bevels and some reclaimed wood. Then possibly some Jar mixes and some crocheted bookmarks. I finally but certainly not last I finished and will send off the little crocheted angels I made for my 2012 "pay it forward" gifts that I agreed to nearly a year ago as well. They will probably ship in January though.

The Mr.'s help is valuable and much appreciated while making gifts and I could not get them completed without him.

On the supply side....It had been awhile since the craft paint was out so that got replaced but we had everything else in the house. Minion is collecting veggie cans and beads, and popsicle sticks for her crafts and Other assorted crafting bling has also found its way into the sewing room as well. The Mr. may or may not have something up his sleeve in all likelihood I won't know until the day and hour of gifting arrives.

You can see some of these ideas at Kaya Self Sufficiency on pinterest. While most of the pins come from elsewhere we thought it would be a good way to present another opportunity for you to interact with us here at Kaya. It also provides a nice visual aid for future blog ideas. If you haven't been to pinterest I offer only this advice make sure you have some free time. It will suck you in just like that Tornado swallowed Dorothy and the result is no less wondrous or time consuming than a trip to Oz.

So Are you ready for Christmas or are you like me? That is, are you running about like a chicken with no head making a mad dash to finish the projects you committed to on time?

Blessed be and Happy Holidays. I want to let you know there will not be a blog on Christmas Eve or the following Friday due to the holiday and thusly no book review. Who has time to read with all these projects? I promise I will do one in January.


As always you can join the Facebook group, like the Facebook community page, and visit the website. All of these are conveniently called “Kaya Self Sufficiency”. I hope you have enjoyed this post and I hope you are getting better at providing as much as you can for yourself and for your family, group, or community.

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