Monday, December 3, 2012


Have you ever had one of those weeks that left you wondering what the heck hit you? Well I know what hit here. Some nasty horrible tummy bug, usually called the flu. It started on Monday night with little Mr. Man, my grandson, who is a year and a half old. Then my husband with the cast iron immune system was down. Then Mr. Mans' mommy and daddy both had it at once. All this time I was feeling pretty good and fortunate to have escaped. You See, I usually get sick before everyone else. Nope not this time, this time I got it after everyone else and twice as bad. There is just something about the flu that makes you wish you were dead. Keep in mind none of us have had the 'flu' in about 5 years. Vomiting, chills, diarrhea, severe stomach ache, aching body, followed with headaches and dehydration, it wasn't pretty and it smelled pretty bad too. It was an ugly scene. Some Pepto could have made it a lot better.

Having given the last dose of Pepto to Mr. Man’s daddy around Thanksgiving we found ourselves all out. Funny or not so funny thing is we were out, our adult kids were all out, and to make things worse our little town store was sold completely out too. I'm guessing we weren't the only ones with the flu in these here parts. So I said no problem we have Pepto chewable tablets in our preps right? Yes, err, umm, actually no, could not find them. Now, that's a major problem. In the back up first aid kit then.... uh maybe? Worth a shot. Yes! Triumph Imodium AD... wrong... EXPIRED about 8 months ago.

My poor Mister was holding up pretty well given his immense lack of sleep but I could have cried from frustration at this point. I had given up on taking the natural route and was looking for the Pepto after about 9 hours of almost non-stop diarrhea that had been preceded by vomiting. I had a very bad stomach ache and I really needed a chance to sleep and rehydrate a bit. We are a family that experiences tummy issues of one sort or another semi-regularly. We manage as much of it as we can with probiotics and other natural solutions but we always have Zantac and Pepto in the house too. Although Zantac is the more regularly used product Pepto is our secondary standby. We are rarely if ever out of Pepto because it's not the first choice, no one likes it much really. Yet, Zantac doesn't do much for diarrhea. What was I gonna do?

I did what I usually do when I'm sick. I went back to bed. Yes, I still felt horrible. I still had an upset tummy and all, but I am one of those people who generally believe your body knows what it is doing. Keep it hydrated, soothe it with some mint and chamomile tea in small amounts, eat small amounts of easily digested starchy foods, and sleep it off. In this case I fell on my old sick time aids of bouillon cubes, herbal teas, and jello mixed as a warm drink served with saltines and noodles. I slept off and on for two and a half days or so.

Now I feel better and realize here we were supposedly prepared and there was not a single anti diarrhea medicine to be found for at least 20 miles. It is sadly laughable but it certainly is a wakeup call. A call to check and recheck supplies more carefully, more thoroughly, and definitely more frequently. Check amounts, types and expiration dates on medications, insect repellents, sunscreens, etc. It serves also as a reminder to check for things we don't always think of. For instance even though there wasn't any Pepto it would have been helpful to find some Gatorade powder to help replenish what my body was losing.

Emergency preps aside, it would have been good to know what other things in my cupboards would have helped my tummy. Where is the wisdom of my grandmothers when I need it? Oh yeah that's where I learned my body knows what to do when its sick, just keep it hydrated and sleep. It all depends on the cause. Thanks.

I looked some stuff up on the Internet and, while I haven't found any one way of dealing with a severely upset stomach from viral or bacterial causes that I can recommend, I do tend to agree with most of this article located at

Based on the next two links perhaps I shall just skip any further Pepto Bismol treatments altogether.

If you really want to scare yourself look at the history of Pepto Bismol and do a quick search of the original ingredients. Yikes!

So what do you think, in an emergency situation is it better to have some Pepto Bismol in the bug out bag?

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