Friday, January 25, 2013

My Knitting Experience

So far given my experience and struggles with knitting in the last month my summation of it is that you'd be better off rubbing those two sticks you sharpened together to knit with to start a fire. Now I don't know if this is a reflection on the act of knitting, my own personal patience levels or the fact that I had a concussion. I'm sure my mom would say it my lack of patience but I taught my daughter the basics of crocheting in about 20 minutes. Knitting has fewer stitches and should be somewhat easier to learn. It does however require more eye hand coordination.

 I can admit that perhaps it was my concussion but really....It took me 2 whole days just to figure out how to get the dang yarn on the stick for the anchoring row in the first place...yet alone actually knitting anything. I do not remember having so much difficulty in crocheting, ever. I also admit that the two blankets I have on my project list at the moment will be crocheted. I want quality for gifting not beginner mayhem.

I will not quit, I will not give up! I will proceed with the knitting until I have something that looks reasonably like a scarf. My long term goal with knitting is to be able to make my own socks and all the beautiful patterns I see that are knitted.  I also have this perhaps not so far-fetched fantasy of making my own knitting needles in an emergency. I was a machinist after all and they'd be really easy to turn out on a lathe. I do wonder if I could just use some sticks and a pencil sharpener to make some needles.

The thing is sometimes I think the harder something is the more stubborn I become about it. Usually it means I will persist not only in learning but in mastering it. It satisfies a competitive streak in me. Unfortunately that same competitive streak can lead to problems in other areas. For instance I should have seen a doctor much, much sooner than I did. Stubbornness isn't always a good thing. Sadly I'm not any better handling my stubbornness and impatience now than I was at age 10. Good thing it's winter and there isn't much else to do besides keep house, take care of minion, blog, go to the doctor, and dream about summer and the garden.

February is seed starting time and an endeavor has not been decided right off hand for my monthly learning project but I'm thinking of either learning to tie knots or how to make A frame trellises for the garden. Shall we vote?

Don't forget to post your suggestions for other future learning adventures and your favorite links as well. Everyone can always use a good link.


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  1. Knots are fun...practicle...even pretty. ..
    I vote for knots.
    Turned knitting needles sound pretty. ..but a pocket knife and sticks work in a primitive waym

  2. What method are you learning? I almost gave up when learning American Pick. I stumbled across the European method and have been happily knitting for almost 20 years