Friday, February 15, 2013

One of Those Weeks

Ever have one of those weeks? You know the kind that just escapes from you completely? You are so preoccupied that time goes by and you become unaware of what day of the week it is? Suddenly someone is reminding you that you missed your last blog...and are about to miss the next one. Well not everyone has a blog or a deadline but we all have things that need to get done; some more important than others. I should probably apologize for missing the blog last week but honestly Last week my only priority and job of importance was to be mommy to a sick kiddo.

I am however now more than a week behind as I now have the creeping crud too. As it attempts to move through our household it is losing a great deal of its strength and I should be back on task in a few days or so. In the meantime we have scouts, DR's., family stuff and a ton of homework from school to supervise. Not to mention the reading and knot tying I need to learn and the still floundering endeavors at creating some type of income from nothing.

I'll be the first to admit what a relief it is to simply be able to be home with a sick child. As a single working mom in a previous decade of my life I know the nightmare of having to choose between a sick child and work. Very often the sheer necessity of work wins out causing the heartache of having to leave your sick kiddo. Add the stress of trying to find an emergency sitter last minute that is willing to take a sick kid, which usually results in dragging said sick kid out of bed to go be sick somewhere else against their will. Then there is the stress of making sure you have all the necessities for their sick care packed up and ready to go. Talk about practicing for packing bug out was the ultimate. The right foods, plenty of drinks, extra clothing, medication, entertainment...they all went in the bag...along with written directions, the appropriate phone numbers and additional contact information.  I was lucky, I usually had family or friends to fall back on during those times but I'm so grateful that is not my life anymore.

In all honesty becoming disabled proved very quickly that it was a world and a life where I made little difference and was easily enough replaced. It took me quite some time to grasp that I still make a difference. That depending on the life we choose I can still serve the whole. That I can in fact contribute far more now than I ever did as that "worker bee" serving the system. I just need to find myself and what it is that drives me without all that pre-programmed progression of how life is supposed to be. I have found that whether it’s being with a sick kiddo, playing with the dog, crafting, learning a new skill, gardening or just busying myself at home this messy unplanned life where I can lose track of time or even the days is just exactly how it’s supposed to be. Now if I can just find an all-consuming but appropriate employment niche good for losing days everything will be great.

Much love,

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