Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rambling On

Ramble One
I had thought to be able to post on my knot tying experiences by now but I am having greater difficulty locating books on the subject than I anticipated. This means I will have to pull out my secret weapon. I will have to give in and call my dad. Admitting that the knowledge passed on to me has been little used of late and due to a foggy memory forgotten. You see, I learned to sail a boat before I learned to drive and have since had experience on many types of water craft.  I've manned small one person sail boats, larger sail boats meant for family cruising and over sailed racing boats. I've driven power boats and paddled canoes and kayaks. As vital as these skills can be in an emergency...I mean look at Noah, talk about your weather emergency...Knot tying is even more important to everyday life than you would think. It isn't just for water sports its used in all kinds of ways. It’s used in mountain climbing, macramé, making nets for fishing and erecting temporary shelter. They can be an invaluable tool in moving large items, building, and even hunting small game. Knowing how to tie a knot and which knot to tie is essential. As you can see it is a broad subject. I promise to keep working on it until I get the wide variety of information that I want to share.

Ramble Two
I've been thinking that with all the unemployment and the difficulty in finding jobs this has to have created some unique trends. In fact I recently heard that for the first time in generations people are actually relocating long distances just in order to secure work. So of course that made me wonder if people are willing to uproot their lives and move away to start over some place new what else are they willing to do? How many people have taken this as the golden opportunity to go back to school, start their own business, or follow other dreams and maybe drop out of the traditional work force completely? You could say that is what we have done, albeit somewhat involuntarily. Our relocation to a rural area and taking up the road to self sufficiency was however a choice that seemed to follow on the heels of unemployment quite naturally in our lives. It really was what we wanted to do. Would we have done it if work had remained steady? I don't know. Do I wish we had more income?  Of course, everyone does at some time or another. Do I love the change?  You bet! Would I go back or undo it? Nope! We are still cleaning off the dust, dirt, debris and hubris that comes with major changes. We can see some light now and sometimes the dust sparkles as it dances in the sun.

Ramble Three
Ramble three is really just a follow up on my concussion and the knitting challenge from last month. I'm still getting the occasional sharp headaches that force me to change activities or lay down. The doctor says this can last awhile, up to a year or so in fact, as my brain heals itself. It is much improved however. I am finding knitting somewhat easier as time progresses and I get a bit more practice. I'm not sure I will ever find the level of ease or comfort with knitting that I have with crocheting. I tend to find the overall motion of it somewhat awkward and tedious at this point. Maybe that will change as my skill level increases. I can hope! It's practicality in an emergency however does not escape me. After all I could knit with a couple pencils or even some sharpened sticks. I do have about 9 inches of a scarf worked up in stockinette at this point so I'm well on my way. Believe me it was frogged a lot...that is torn out and reworked. One discovery I made that helped with a lot of my confusion is that in knitting you can refer to the stitches one at a time...knit and purl....or in groups (the finished material)...garter stitch--material comprised of all knit stitches, stocking or stockinette -- comprised of a row of knit stitches followed by purl stitches and so on. Wish I had understood this sooner. I have been put in my place as a new comer to the craft by a neighbors 3rd grader who both Knits and Crochets, cheeky kids...gotta love them! This is why I love my community too though. If I need help I can find it. People here crochet, knit, embroider, sew, quilt, cabinetry, welding, iron work, raise a variety of animals, garden and can food. The best part is they pass on the knowledge if you show a true interest. It's a good place to be.

Ramble Four
Even though I am behind in my specified February challenge of knots I have made some progress. I have stepped somewhat outside of my comfort zones this month. I am trying to participate in my community a little more, doing girl scouts with the m'inion and attempting to push myself on my bad days just a tad more. That really hasn't been reflected here this month but I assure you in spite of scattered appearance and varied medical issues it is happening. Just not today....that is not on this cold blizzarding Sunday in February. I had this blog ready on migraine addled brain however failed to send it along for publishing...I apologize as it's not much but I do believe I have found a knot book from 1917 that may in fact be sufficient to my needs. We shall see. I hope you all will keep stretching your minds and learning new to you skills.


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