Friday, November 22, 2013

Farmer’s Cheese

I recently had a gallon of milk start to ‘turn’. I really did not want to waste it. Here’s what I did with it….

·         Milk
·         Vinegar
·         Salt (optional)

·         Pot to boil the milk in
·         Spoon to stir the milk
·         Cheesecloth or something similar to strain the curds
·         Colander or similar to hold the cheesecloth
·         Container to strain the whey into if you want to keep it

1.       Pour your milk into a pot that will not leach anything into your milk.
2.       Bring it to a boil while stirring constantly so that the milk does not burn.
3.       As soon as it comes to a boil, turn off your burner but leave the pot there.
4.       Slowly add two teaspoons of vinegar per cup of milk.
5.       The milk will then separate into ‘curds’ and ‘whey’.
6.       The curds are your cheese and the whey can be used in many other recipes if you want to save it.
7.       Let this sit for at least ten minutes to let it separate better and cool down a little.
8.       Place your cheesecloth into the colander and wet it down a little to hold it in place.
9.       Pour your curds and whey through the cheesecloth.
10.   Pick up the corners of the cheesecloth and bring them together to make a ‘pouch’ of cheese.
11.   You can now hold it over your sink or container and squeeze a little to drain a bit more or you can hang it up over your container to drain no longer than about twenty minutes.
12.   Once it is roughly the consistency you want, open up your pouch and add salt if you want or any other flavorings you find interesting.

13.   Knead it together a bit and then put it in your storage container.

Some folks like to put it into a mold in order to make neat shapes.

Viola! Cheese!

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